About SurferGrl Studio

East Honolulu


Aloha! Our ohana is made up of unique individuals like you who live for adventure, embrace nature, and savor the richness of diverse cultures. If you're all about that surfing life, hiking through nature, or paddling in the waves, you're in good company here. We appreciate the beauty of natural fabrics and organic materials – it's our way of staying grounded and connected to our beautiful island home.

For those who love soaking in cultural vibes, we've got the perfect blend of vintage Hawaii memorabilia and global influences. And if you're on the lookout for fashion that's as unique as your spirit, you've found your spot. Our statement pieces seamlessly blend today's trends with timeless craftsmanship.

We're on a sustainability journey, weaving nature into our designs. And for the art lovers and style mavens, you'll find a visual feast inspired by the creative minds behind SurferGrl, a designer at heart. 🤙🌺

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